Happy Brain Beats

Sing and Learn

Happy Brain Beats exists to bring joy to the learning process through music for kids ages 3 - up.

Joy and Learning were never meant to be separated.

About Daniel Ricketts,
Creator of Happy Brain Beats
Our Reading, Writing Rapping Toolkit:
A multi-sensory approach to learning phonics through modern, light-hearted rap songs, interactive worksheets and flashcards.

These two multiplication rap videos are the beginning of a project to complete an entire unit teaching kids their multiplication facts.  

1000's of songs are waiting to be written about created order.

It is a joy to be able to write songs about a child’s education, because I get to invite kids to get caught up in the wonder of creation.   Creation always tells a story.  We desire to tell that story. 

Contact Daniel at: danielricketts@happybrainbeats.com